Community Outreach

Seminar Series

  • Depression/Anxiety: Nov. 2017

  • Grief: Jan. 2018

  • Women: Mar. 2018

  • Family: May. 2018


Leadership Seminar for Awareness and Care Ministry

ECCFC would like to partner with local organizations and churches to provide education and train leaders to be strong and well-equipped leaders.  From communication skills to self-reflection, relationship and team building, to responding appropriately to emergencies and challenges of caring for and supporting people and families of mental health issues, ECCFC would like to provide education and work to build strong and healthy community together. 


Mentoring Program

  • College Career Mentoring


Volunteering Program

Tutoring and Big Brother/ Big sister to children in need. 

Volunteering at Hand in Hand, Amase (Art & Music program for handicapped children)

Please email or call ECCFC to apply or get more info.