Classes/ Workshops

Parenting Class

  • General Parenting Class

  • Positive Discipline Parenting Class (6 wks)

Positive Discipline was started by Jane Nelson based on Adlerian Theory, emphasizing “Kind and Firm” parenting ways.  This aligns with one of the most effective parenting method, Authoritative parenting, to love and support the children with firm boundaries.  It not only gives parents 50+ to deal with everyday difficult situations, such as bedtime hassles, back talking, sibling fights, and temper tantrums, but it guides the parents to teach responsibility, respect for self and others, self-motivation, communication skills and skills to identify problems and work toward a solution with good communication skills.  This is an absolute must for all parents, and is very much worth the investment to do one of the most important jobs in this life, parenting!


Women’s Group

  • Expressive Arts Therapy Group

  • Narrative Therapy Group


Building and Maintaining Healthy Family Workshop


Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Depression & Anxiety (6 wks)

CBT is known to be highly effective for depression and anxiety symptoms, come and learn how you can approach the symptoms with new ways of thinking and feel to the new behavior.