Get Started

Taking that first step to getting help can be the hardest. Therefore, we make every effort to make this
experience comfortable for you. Each staff at the ECCFC is compassionate, understanding, and respect
who you are whether you decide to enter counseling or not. Give us a call at 619 933 3486 or email us for a free consultation to see one of our counselors is the right match for your need.


After a 15 to 20 minutes phone consultation we will give you an appointment for the first session. Fees
differ according to the counselor and service. We will provide you with the fee prior to your first
session. Before starting the first session you will have sufficient time to ask questions and to complete
necessary paperwork regarding confidentiality, consent, and payment procedure. The length of a
counseling session is generally 45-60 minutes. Your counselor sometimes makes other arrangements
with you on the length of a session and he or she will discuss this with you prior to your arrival.


Please do not hesitate to call or e-mail for any further information that will help make your visit to
ECCFC comfortable one.


We are here to help.